Fast Turnaround

Audits are usually completed within 1 to 2 weeks after payment. 24 hour emergency rush options are available!

Live Revisions

If we notice an issue while we are completing your audit, we'll raise flags for you to correct before publishing.

User-Friendly Design

Average users can understand our audits, no advanced degree or knowledge of code is required.

Digital On-Chain Signature

All audits are signed with DSRT, verifying the authenticity of an audit.


Easy to understand

Audits are formatted in a simple & easy way for the general public to understand. We do in depth due diligence into projects as well as a light code audit for common vulnerabilities.



Our audits are transparent and designed to help teams be more transparent. Our audit criteria can be easily viewed by reviewing our recent audits to make sure your project stacks up with the others before we even begin.


Signed on the blockchain

Harnessing the power of the blockchain, we are able to validate the completion of an audit or revision by using DSRT to verify our completion. If a project's contract address has not been signed with a DSRT token at the block number listed on the audit report, then they were not actually audited by us! Example verification of Offy Token's audit

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Website Audit

We look at all aspects of a project's website. We do spam analysis, spell check, console errors, and a responsive check to make sure it looks great on all screens.

Contract Audit

We do contract code audits to check for common vulnerabilities in the smart contract.

Social Media Audit

We check all social media channels to see if there's healthy activity and provide convenient links in the audit.

Location/Team Audit

We will do a location search and verify team members of the project (if they are public). Teams can also choose to verify their identity in private with Dessert Finance for added credibility.

Beautiful and Elegant

All our audits are beautiful and elegant. We make sure our audits can be read by people who are absolute beginners into the world of cryptocurrencies AND the seasoned experts who have been in the cryptosphere for years. We make every page as pleasing and easy-to-understand as possible.


Dessert Finance’s audit has been instrumental to the early growth of the OFFY token. Not only did Dessert’s audit help potential OFFY supports conduct their own due diligence on our project, but it also gave us something to work on an build improvements.

The project wanted to provide our holders with reaffirmation of our core values as soon as possible. Dessertswap was able to help us with that by conducting a spot on audit in under 24 hours! The ICECAP team is more than grateful for the amazing job, 100% recommended.

Extremely clean and well-polished, Dessert Finance offered both a sweet price and easy-to-digest format for our users. For our community that had been asking for an audit to ensure that there were no bad intentions for our charity token, it made for a clear and easy message.

Their suggestions gave us plenty of opportunities to add to our social media presence and make sure we were doing everything possible to provide confidence to our investors. Dessert Finance also gave us an extremely quick turnaround time, less than 24 hours, and made themselves available for whenever we corrected the shortages they caught for a revised audit.

Happy is a passion project for us so we were happy to partner with Dessert Finance who take their work quite seriously. Our interaction with them was nothing but professional and we appreciate that their diligence as auditors extends to how they run their organization.

Dessert Finance’s audit has been instrumental in the growth of Offy token, not only did it help potential supporters conducting their own due diligence on our project, but it also gave us something to work on to make improvements.


  • 100,000,000 removed from circulation forever.
  • 20,000,000 held in long term cold storage reserves.
  • 5,000,000 phase 1 distribution used for bounties, burns, team payments, liquidity, and liquidity bonuses.
  • 10% of every non-rush audit paid in $DSRT is burned forever making $DSRT deflationary.
  • Referral Bonus in $DSRT if a project you refer gets audited (contact us for more info).

Bad code is sour, have some sweet Dessert instead.


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